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Luxury Homes in Edmonton: How is the market doing?


As always, we at Team Leading Edge want to provide you with the latest information for every segment of the real estate market in Edmonton. That includes luxury homes, which are often more affected by national and international trends and factors. Finding the right information and being able to accurately interpret it has never been more critical.

The Institute of Luxury Homes Marketing recently released a report of the luxury real estate market. In the report there were a number of interesting indicators. The overall profile showed an even composite price, but an upward trend to Days on Market.


But if you look at the chart for days on market, it shows the typical seasonal patterns with a faster pace to spring sales and a slower time in the winter. Overall the trend is mixed when seasonality is taken into account.



But that said, there has been a significant decline in price per square foot, indicating more about how the market feels about new luxury homes being built that anything.


Would you like to receive a copy of the complete report? We are happy to provide it with no cost or obligation. Simply contact us and it is yours. Additionally, are you wanting information specific to your luxury home or vacation property? Would you like expert guidance and an objective analysis of your options? We are happy to assist you with that as well. Contact us today for direct and honest answers to your luxury real estate inquiries.



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