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Everyday more and more Edmonton home sellers look for ways on how to increase the value of their Edmonton property. While some find it easy, others find it difficult. The truth is, you don’t need to invest a lot of money just to raise the value of your Edmonton house. The simplest ways can be more efficient.

Here are some things for you to do to increase the value of your Edmonton property in the cheapest way possible.

Kitchen Improvement

One of the things Edmonton buyers look for when looking for an Edmonton house is the kitchen. The Master Chefs, a.k.a the ladies love it.
Redesigning on your own can cost a lot. So instead of a complete renovation, better look at the little details; Resurfacing old cabinets is rather inexpensive than replacing it.

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Clean Hard

Some Edmonton home sellers underestimate the "power of cleaning". Hiring a professional cleaner or just using your own elbow grease can increase the value of your Edmonton home. It's that simple! 

Brighter. Better. Best. 

Replace worn out light switch and outlet covers because the worn out one’s can make the appearance of an Edmonton home feel old and creepy. 

Paint Style 

Add a fresh coat of interior paint in neutral color, such as white and sand. You may love your orange wall but your Edmonton homebuyers may not. They might not share the same exquisite taste as yours.

Bathroom Renewal

Bathrooms can enhance the value of your Edmonton house. By doing some minor changes like new shower curtains, rugs and toilet seat, these minor upgrades can contribute more zeroes to your future profit.

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Manage Landscaping

A well-maintained Edmonton house has good landscaping done to it. Doing your own landscaping can save you a lot rather than hiring a professional. Ideas like grouping potted plants around the entryway or pruning the shrubs and trees you already have can make a difference.

Hodor! Hodor!

Doors are important, hodor from Game of Thrones knew very well its importance.

You can increase the exterior appearance of your home by replacing the doors. If you can’t afford to replace the whole door, then small details like replacing rusted bolts and screws, power washing or applying a fresh coat paint will do the trick.

Hardwood Floor Secret

If your Edmonton home has hardwood flooring then you can tag it as one of its most desirable features. Oftentimes, owners cover hardwood floors with wall-to-wall carpets. Remember that restoring original floors are much more cost effective than replacing carpets.

Closet Addition 

Adding a closet may be a little pricey but for making a profit boost to your Edmonton house, it’s a must. Edmonton buyers especially women go nuts for walk-in closets, while for men, it’s considered a gift for their wives.

It's all in the details. All the small things that you do for your Edmonton house becomes the large profit uptick that you will get in the future. Don’t over complicate what you do to your Edmonton house because there is beauty in simplicity.

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