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Prior to the times of the Internet, an Edmonton buyer’s introduction to another Edmonton home for sale on the market was the "drive-by" method.  If a potential buyer was simply beginning to look for his ideal Edmonton house, he would read a short description of the Edmonton property in the newspaper and choose whether or not to go to that day's open house.

In any case, curb appeal made a difference then and still does now with the electronic age since it is what normally the first thing a potential Edmonton home buyer will see with an Edmonton property. On the off chance that there were weeds, peeling paint or corroded nails visible then chances are the Edmonton home buyer could be turned-off with the property— regardless of how incredible the interior is.

With that in mind to help you with your listings photos, here are some pointers to take when setting up for the perfect shot.


Appropriately lit, high-definition photographs are the main sort of pictures that ought to be utilized as a part of promoting your Edmonton home. It's essential to bring your A game when working on your listing photos.

To use your cell phone is fine for casually sending photographs quickly to your Edmonton real estate agent and potential buyers, however, cell phones are not on par with the high quality of a good camera can take so better invest in a proper camera to use for taking listing photos.

Staging and proper preparation

Due to the significance of a decent first impression to potential buyers, Edmonton home sellers ought to spend as much time as possible on listing photos in preparation for an open house. This implies arranging the shoot well ahead of time.

As the owner of the Edmonton property, you must know when your Edmonton home gets the best natural light to ensure the photographs are shot amid that time. Have the Edmonton home be completely cleaned by you or by hiring a professional cleaner and ready it for the shoot.

Impression Last

A lot of potential Edmonton home buyers after they have visited an Edmonton property, go online and review the same property. This time with a clear idea with the Edmonton house, they can assemble the floor design and how each room identifies with one another. Great photographs that demonstrate the Edmonton home well enough will keep them intrigued and give them the realization that it is the Edmonton house they have been looking for.

Also, consider hiring a professional photographer to do the job. While it may cost more, think about what you're contending with other properties. In the event that those properties have more appeal, sufficiently more high-quality photographs and yours don’t, you will experience more difficulty in getting potential buyers in the long run. This could make your Edmonton home sit longer on the market.

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