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How You Can Save Time Viewing Edmonton Open Houses

Edmonton Homes For Sale

Are you looking to view several Edmonton open houses this weekend? If so, then you are not alone. Spring is the time where most homebuyers like you tend to be active in viewing home for sale in the neighborhood.

Today, we at Team Leading Edge decided to help you prepare for the adventure that lies ahead. Maximize your time and productivity with these crucial checklist when checking out Edmonton open houses.

Let’s start with the most obvious.

ü  WEAR YOUR MOST COMFORTABLE OUTFIT: As obvious as this may seem, many Edmontonians still make this mistake. Ladies, please make sure you wear your flats instead of high-heels. You’ll need to walk around the outside of the property to check the front and backyard. You may also need to stroll around the neighborhood to be familiar with it-and by wearing flats, this activity would be a breeze.

Bring these tools with ‘ya!

ü  SMART PHONE: Use your phone’s flashlight to check out the dark corners of the home and camera to take photos for later review. The photos would be helpful when you’ll consult with a renovation team to see how much something would cost.

ü  MEASURING TAPE: You’ll need one in hand to determine the size of the rooms relative to the size of the furniture that you’d be bringing in. You wouldn’t want a buy a house that would barely fit your appliances.

Mental notes would not work…

ü  Bring a pen and notebook or use your tablet/smart phone, whatever is most comfortable to you. The key idea here is for you to have something to review on for later. Take down notes on the specific things that caught your attention; good or bad. Out of that, you can make an informed decision not an impulsive one.

Lastly, “pre-determined” questions.

ü  Yes! You should go in that open house with guns blazing. Ask everything that you need to ask. From the biggest to the tiniest details. You’ll be paying good money for that property and would be living in it for years to come so if you’re really interested, ask questions. We guarantee, you’re agent would love to answer all of it!

By remembering to do the list above, you’ll save plenty of time when viewing your future home. Let’s work smart because that is how it should be.

For a list of homes for sale in Edmonton, check out our new and improved Edmonton MLS listings. It’s updated daily for your convenience.


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