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How To Prepare Your Edmonton Home For An Awesome Open House This 2015

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In the Edmonton home selling process, showing the interior and exterior of the house is the most important element. It provides the opportunity for the home buyers to “connect” with the property and imagine themselves being the home owners. It’s a very personal experience.

If you’ve been on the other side of the transaction, buying side, you may also experience viewing countless properties. It’s an exhausting and overwhelming activity, correct? You should take advantage of this knowledge and apply it to the selling process, how? By standing out of the crowd. Simple as that.

Today, we at Team Leading Edge have prepared a few tips and tricks to put a splash on your property and make that unforgettable first impression that every home seller desire.

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Homes For Sale Edmonton

Here’s how to prepare for an AWESOME Open House.

Let’s begin with ASSESSMENT. Together with your agent, you should do a thorough ocular inspection, from the exterior going to the interior. Your agent would be the best professional to initially point out the parts of the house that needs fixing.

THE FIX. Once you and your agent determine the things that are broken, such as electrical wiring, leaks, general plumbing, you should remedy the problem immediately. You wouldn’t want to have potential home buyers be turned-off with faulty wiring, wouldn’t you?

KEEP IT CLEAN. By clean we mean, sparking clean. Your home should be the best and that means it has to be spotless. Hire the pros if you are too busy to do it.

KEEP IT SPACIOUS. That’s another term for decluttering. Remove personal and unnecessary things in the drawers, shelves and tables. The potential home buyer doesn’t need to see your family picture or your favorite trophy. Remember, the home buyer needs to imagine that he or she is already living inside the house so having your personal belongings will ruin it.

DON’T FORGET THE EXTERIOR. Curb appeal! Clean the windows, mow the lawn, put a fresh coat of paint on the fence and do the landscape. These will all be factored in when the buyer is already on the final decision process.

STAGING. This is more than just the mop and wipe activity. Staging is the heart of this process. Make the home more inviting by doing clever interior designs. You can hire professional stagers to do this for you.

Here’s a few resources for you, if you decide to do it on your own: Tips & Tricks For Selecting The Correct Shade Of Paint To Help Offer Your Edmonton Home

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