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How To Boost The Resale Value Of Your Edmonton Home This 2015

Edmonton Home Resale Value

The real estate peak season is once again upon us. Summer is just around the corner so more and more people are getting and window shopping for new Edmonton homes.

Today, we discuss a few key pointers on how to boost the resale value of your Edmonton home.

These simple tips and tricks can help put additional zeroes in to your bank account

CURB APPEAL: We’ve always highlighted the importance of curb appeal in a listed home. Most recently, we wrote an article on how to “Add Immediate Impact To Your Edmonton Home” to signify the importance of curb appeal.

It leads to the entrance to your home, it provides home buyers with a glimpse of what the home could offer, so taking care of this image should have utmost importance. Make a lasting impact to potential home buyers by simply cleaning and applying a fresh coat of paint on the outdoor fixtures, mailbox and railings.

ILLUMINATED AREAS: Clean the windows and mirrors and illuminate anything that might block light from outside. Having a very well lit home enhances the color and ambiance of the exterior.

Simple upgrades like chandelier and lamp installations can add a “wow!” factor to a dull space.

COAT OF PAINT: Make it fresh, light and warm. Apply neutral colors to improve the visual impact of a room. The color of the room can also enhance the look of certain furniture’s so balancing what you “want” and what your room “needs” is a delicate act. Be objective. Think that the space is for sale and you will not be the one using it-remove any personal bias.

Let’s keep it simple. These simple home improvements can and will add a few more zeroes into that listing package. Sacrifice a few hours of your time checking these off your bucket list.

For a much needed inspiration, check out the latest homes for sale in Edmonton through our Edmonton MLS Listings. It’s updated daily for your convenience.



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