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Edmonton Real Estate MLS Listings

Edmonton home sellers are cranking up the heat! Team Leading Edge will have 2 consecutive Open Houses in order to have the homes sold before the New Year. If you’re serious in selling your home, you better get moving.


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Edmonton Real Estate MLS Listings

 Today, we’d like to share how you can use the senses to your advantage when staging your home.

Here are 5 simple tricks you can do.


Textures and fabrics are your tool here. Try to add cloths on top of your furniture to accessorize it and you can cover old upholstery with new fabric. Washed and spotless, that’s how your bed linens should be. Splintered wooden furniture should be finished and all the corners and surfaces of the house should be dust free.




The interior of your property should be free of dripping sounds or squeaky steps, if it isn’t; you have some fixing to do. If your property is located on a busy street corner, try to drown out the sound with relaxing background music.


The smell of mold or nicotine can turn potential homebuyers; that’s how powerful the sense of smell can play into the selling process. Do everything you can to remove those unnecessary odor.

Give your home a warm aroma by using scented candles or go green by opening your windows to bring in fresh air. The more you can make your home smell delightful, the higher the chances of potential homebuyers wanting to own it.


Your goal here is to make the interior of your home as neutral as possible. Attitude goes out the door the day you decided to sell your property. The point of neutrality is to provide a “blank canvas” for buyers viewing your home. You need to make them imagine that they own the place. If the property is still teaming with your collections, family photos, toys, files, documents, clothes & gadgets, you will make it hard for the buyers to visualize.


This one is tough, some buyers are in a hurry and simply just want to view and get out as fast as they can. Nevertheless, it’s best to prepare refreshments for them. 9 out of 10, if they ever try your refreshments, they’ll remember your property.

It’s all about taking full advantage of the things you have control with. If you’re scheduled to have an Open House in the next few days, talk to your Realtor so you can plan it correctly.

If you still don’t have an Open House schedule, the number to dial is 780-634-8151. Let  Team Leading Edge help you set-up one.



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