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How Edmonton Home Buyers Can Escape Buyers Guilt

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We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again… buying an Edmonton home is one of the biggest financial expenses that you’ll ever make in your life time. Buying an Edmonton home comes with various states of emotions; excitement, fear and GUILT.

This feeling of guilt is commonly referred to in the real estate business as “Buyer’s remorse”. Today, we decided to tackle it head on and give a few tips on how to scape this unnecessary emotion.

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Homes For Sale Edmonton

BUYING PROCESS COMPREHENSION. First and foremost, understand the process. Avoid being illiterate in this matter of the business. Speak with all the people you know that bought a house and meet with real estate specialists that’s working in your neighborhood. Be like a sponge, absorb the knowledge and wisdom that they will share with you.

For Edmonton real estate, these names should be on your list. They specialize in purely Edmonton real estate, so their words are worth their weight in gold. Serge Bourgoin, Senior Partner at Team Leading Edge, JP Dumlao, the Managing Partner, Joe Tolvay, RE/MAX Elite Rookie of the Year 2014 and the other outstanding associates, Luc Cote, Patrick Palaypay and the veteran Edythe Esch.


DO THE MATH. You must have a firm grasp of the financial implications of this purchase. Do not put yourself in financial turmoil. The best way for you to prevent this is by thoroughly arranging for the best real estate mortgage suitable to your needs. Once you get pre-approved, your basically be placed on the fast-lane of Edmonton home buying process. There is a plethora of Mortgage providers in the beautiful city of Edmonton and we’ve partnered with the cream of the crop.

You may get in touch with them here: Edmonton Business Partners

THE VIRTUE OF DILIGENCE. Big word that has a huge implication to the process. Edmontonians are one of the busiest people in Alberta-it’s one of the reasons why the city is rapidly becoming one of the best in the country. One downside to this characteristic is that it gets carried over in the Edmonton home buying process. They become impatient in their quest for the perfect house; they want to view as many homes as they can.

This isn’t a good thing. Be patient. There are instances where after only seeing a second open-house, you can already make the decision to buy the house. You do not need to see ten homes in one week. That would just cloud your judgment and make you indecisive.

NEEDS > WANTS. Lastly, there is no 110% assurance that you will find that “perfect” Edmonton dream home that you want. Be realistic to yourself. After reading this article, reflect… reflect hard on what you really NEED. Write it down and double check if you really need them. This is not a recommendation, it’s a “prescription”.

How many people would be living in that Edmonton home? So okay, how many bedrooms, bathrooms and square footage do your NEED?

Would you be able to compromise in the end, if the number of bedrooms does not match your “ideal” number of bathrooms? If you can convince yourself that your NEED would have more weight that what you WANT, then the chances of having a buyers guilt or remorse would non-existent.


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