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Homes For RE-sale in Edmonton, Here’s What You Need To Know This 2015

homes for sale Edmonton

Majority for the Edmonton homes that Team Leading Edge have on the Edmonton MLS Listings are “RESALE” homes.

Yes, it one of the most attractive options for Edmontonians. Many people in the city would rather buy a resale home than build one from scratch, simply because of the ease in moving-in.

This Monday, we decided to take a look at the PROS and CONS of buying resale Edmonton homes.

Here’s what we found out:

Note: Remember, you can access all our available Homes For Sale in Edmonton through our Edmonton MLS Listings page.

Homes For Sale Edmonton


VARIETY. With resale homes, you can pick and choose multiple designs, location and even prices. That’s simply the beauty of it. Homes that will be built from the ground up have certain constraints—especially when it comes to the location. There are only a handful of available of well-situated lots in the city. Unless you prefer something that’s inconveniently far, then resale homes is the way to go.

MULTIPLE DESIGN. Emphasize on the word “multiple”. As we have mentioned above, resale homes will offer you the luxury of choosing different designs that will suit your aesthetic specifications.

MONEY. It makes the resale market go around or something like that. With resale homes, you can virtually control the amount of money that you will spend, unlike newly built homes where unexpected expenses on the construction period almost, always, happens.

Control means you can decide how much money you will spend for that new home and then your agent will provide you with a long list of available for resale homes that matches your price range.

PEACE OF MIND. In this time of the year, you certainly need a lot of peace of mind and this is where a resale home will come in handy. Since these kinds of homes are already standing, the neighborhood that you will be in would certainly almost always be built to a certain standard. You would not run the risk of having bad neighbors or real estate developers building new houses (the noise! It’s going to drive you crazy!)

Now, let’s take a look at its not-so-good side  




Since resale homes have obviously been used, there is a high probability that you would need to renovate or upgrade it-you know, to make it look modern or as they say “contemporary”.

RESALE VALUE. Once you decide to sell the property in the future, there lies a possibility that it would not be at par with the price that you bought it from. That $300,000 might go down to $250,000 in the next 5 years.

OUTDATED APPLIANCES. With all the cool new stuff coming out every year, the appliances on the resale home would surely not keep up with the changing time. Once you own a resale home, it will fall to you to upgrade the appliances into those energy-efficient ones.

Last on the list, GIVE-AND-TAKE. That means you’ll have to compromise of the parts of the home. You might love the bedrooms but hate the kitchen, or like the front-yard but dislike the back. Give-and-take my friend!

Resale homes are one of the best routes to take now that you’re on the journey of owning an Edmonton real estate property. It would surely be fun and exciting hunting on that dream home!

You can call Team Leading Edge to help you show all the available properties around the city.


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