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Home of the 5 Wealthiest Men in Canada

There is always something fascinating about wealthy people-in a scientific sense, specifically in psychology. Wherever we are in the world, the wealthy always takes on two opposite point of views in the eyes of the public; either they are admired for their wealth or despised because of it, think of the occupy Wall Street movement. The study on the influence that they have in the psychological being of the people around them, whether good or bad, is always a delight for me. Some of the wealthy inspire people in so many distinct ways like Warren Buffet and Richard Branson, whilst others provoke our moral thoughts like Jordan Belfort, the infamous Wolf of Wallstreet.

Since I am basically in the business of real estate, I was curious to know what the homes of the 5 wealthiest people in Canada looked like. We obviously know it’s expensive but it would be fun to see what their aesthetic preferences are.

To warm up your Monday morning, below is a list I have compiled of the Homes of the 5 wealthiest Men in Canada. I also threw in some bonus on the side.

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1. David Thomson. Net Worth: C$26.10B
Residence: Toronton, Ontario

This property is located right beside a considered landmark-the Integral House, owned by none other than James Stewart, the mathematician and math textbook author.

Home of the 5 Wealthiest Men in Canada

Home of the 5 Wealthiest Men in Canada

The house is a combination of two properties; 200 (white facade) and 196 (red brick facade) Roxborough Drive.

2. Galen Weston. Net Worth: C$10.40B
Residence: Toronton, Ontario

Bought for $5.8M in May 2010, this house in 62 Bernard Avenue is only one of the many homes of the 2nd richest man in Canada.

Home of the 5 Wealthiest Men in Canada

Home of the 5 Wealthiest Men in Canada
This vacation home in Vero Beach, Florida certainly provides a great escape from Canada’s winter.

Home of the 5 Wealthiest Men in Canada

3. Irving Family. Net Worth: C$7.85B
Residence: Saint John, New Brunswick

Well, this a bit of a disappointment. Being billionaires, I thought it would be easy to search for the Irving family homes, unfortunately, I only found one located in Rothesay, Canada, belonging to J.K. Irving, the son of Arthur Irving.

Home of the 5 Wealthiest Men in Canada

4. Edward Rogers III and Family. Net Worth: C$7.60B
Residence: Toronto, Ontario

Okay, this was easier to find. Reportedly worth $11.9M by, this house sits in the same neighborhood as that of our number 2 guy, Galen Weston.

Home of the 5 Wealthiest Men in Canada

5. Jimmy Pattison. Net Worth: C$7.39B
Residence: Vancouver, B.C.

The bird’s eye view from Bing captures the affluence of the home.

Home of the 5 Wealthiest Men in Canada

Even the gate is awesome-you might want to visit it for yourself this December if you live near West Vancouver.

Home of the 5 Wealthiest Men in Canada

Here’s a bonus! Edmonton’s own billionaire, ranking as the 15th richest in Canada last 2012 is Daryl Katz with a reported Net Worth of C$3.8B. If you still don’t know, he is the chairman and CEO of The Katz Group-a leading drugstore operator in North America and owner of the Edmonton Oilers.

Home of the 5 Wealthiest Men in Canada
The bird’s eye view of this 25,000 sq ft home in Valleyview Point reportedly costs around $20M by the Edmonton Journal.

Home of the 5 Wealthiest Men in Canada

Source of the Billionaire List:

The opulent lifestyle certainly overflows in most of these homes! For us who weren't born with a silver spoon in our mouths, we might need to get smarter and work harder if we ever want to come close to owning homes like that.

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