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When it comes to renovations and fixes, Edmonton home sellers have unlimited options. But which are the unregrettable decisions for home-improvement that will give a boost to your Edmonton home selling.

Refresh Kitchen

A kitchen can make or break a sale. Renovating a kitchen can yield major pay-offs. You can do a luxurious renovation with new appliances, a paint job, lights etc.  Which will bring rise to your Edmonton property.

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Windows Replacement

Restoring your windows is not an expensive job. While most sellers don’t bother about windows it can spell trouble especially for older houses. Window replacement pays off in energy saving and plus points for your Edmonton home value.

Home Energy Audit

Schedule a visit from a home-energy auditor to your Edmonton house. They will find the best ways to use your energy use. They will also find where heat and cooled air may be escaping.

Update Electrical System

Old wirings are safety risk to your family. So investment in hiring an electrician that can give your Edmonton home an electrical update. 

Edmonton First Time Home BuyersAdditional Outdoor Living Space

Having a screened porch, patio or deck cost less than you think. By thinking that your yard is a living room can increase the enjoyment of your Edmonton property and it adds functionality with resale appeal. 

Don’t Forget The Bathrooms 

Everyone uses the bathroom so don’t second-guess when renovating comes to mind with bathrooms. Timeless, clean or artistic style looking bathrooms will earn high bucks.


Use every space to your advantage inside an Edmonton house. Transform a basement to a playroom, gym or game room. An additional attraction to your Edmonton home means a higher chance of a sale.

It’s always money well spent when any improvement protects your Edmonton home. Invest to your Edmonton home and it will return to you.

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