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Hazards When Buying Edmonton Homes

homes for sale Edmonton

 We at Team Leading Edge won’t grow tired of reminding all Edmonton home buyers of the hazards they face when purchasing real estate.

Note: Remember, you can access all our available Homes For Sale in Edmonton through our Edmonton MLS Listings page.

Homes For Sale Edmonton

Here are a few of the hazards that we’d like home buyers to be careful of.


                When it comes to Edmonton real estate, location should be at the top of the priority list. An erroneous choice of location could very well lead to you and your home’s downfall in the (near) future. READ: DEPRECIATION.

Choosing the most practical location for your current lifestyle or situation should be your goal. If you’re couple with young children, an Edmonton home near a school should be your first concern. Edmontonians on the retirement age may need to have their homes closer to hospitals or clinics. While for the rest, an Edmonton home near a bus/train station and shopping center would be the best choice.


                Home prices in the Edmonton real estate market tend to have an annual cycle. Study, learn and understand this cycle… it would be at your best interest to know these stuff.

If you purchase on a seller’s market, then you’ll be on the losing side of the game.

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                This is especially hazardous to first-time home buyers. Buying an Edmonton home is not as easy as checking out the interior and exterior decorations, the key to knowing if the home is worth the money is to know the inner workings of it, this means checking the overall plumbing, electrical wiring, walls, foundation, ventilation, etc.

Unless you’re working in the construction industry, trying to get a concrete assessment on all of this things is just a herculean feat. You will need to use and utilize the help of a professional home inspector. This people live, breath and eat home inspection on a daily basis (okay, okay, not eat… but you get our point).

You can find Edmonton’s top Home Inspectors here.


                As you may already know by now, buying an Edmonton home takes a lot of time, money and effort on your end. You will run the risk of losing more of this vital things if you don’t employ the services of real estate professionals.

To avoid this mistake, it is best that you seek the help of brokers and agents. As an example, Team Leading Edge is one of Edmonton’s premier Real Estate Specialists. The team helps and assists home buyers search for the perfect home through the Edmonton MLS and does all the heavy lifting on behalf of the home buyers.

They are well connected with Edmonton’s business community so they’ll be able to help in all the aspect of the home purchase, such as but not limited to home mortgage, home inspection and pest control.

Home buying is tough and exciting at the same time. Do not stress yourself too much, dial 780-634-8151 now to get you started on that home buying process.




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