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Green is the NEW Green - How to be green in Edmonton


Green is the new GREEN

“Green” is the new key phrase we all hear about. The more environmentally friendly a person is, the “cooler” they are. From growing their own garden to having solar panels on their roofs, everybody wants to feel as though they are doing something good for our planet and our families.

Here is a list of ideas that can be implemented right away. Some of them require planning and budget set aside with some help from professionals. All of them though will result in an eco-friendly home.

Cleaning Up

Try to not buy harsh cleaning products. Try using eco-friendly products. Vinegar is an amazing multi-use product and one of the best cleaning products you can have in your home. One simple internet search will give you a multitude of ideas. Baking Soda and essential oils are also fantastic to have in your green clean arsenal.

Laundry & Bathroom

Making your own laundry soap, using vinegar as a fabric softener and - depending on where you live – putting up a clothesline if you can, are all great steps to being green. If you cannot put up a clothesline, due to outdoor space and/or neighbourhood restrictions – there are modern drying racks you can mount on a wall in your laundry room or bathroom. Freestanding drying racks are also another option.

Try setting a limit for showering and switch to a low flow shower head. Try using warm or cool water instead of hot. These are all easy steps you can take to become your deeper shade of green.

Both of these steps will ensure a lower utility as well. Saving money while your doing what you can to help mother earth.

Don’t pay to heat or cool the outdoors

I sure remember my mom saying this to me! “Close the door, I don’t want to pay to heat (or cool) the outside”. And… Mother was right. You can watch your money fly out the window if you have poorly fitted, single pane windows. Replacing them with energy efficient windows is an eco-friendly home improvement that is very green. Even if they aren’t the expensive energy efficient ones, just new windows that fit better will save you a lot of money in heating and cooling.

While your windows are being fitted, have a professional take a look at your insulation. Adding insulation to the attic or wherever the insulation isn’t sufficient is a fairly cheap fix that can make a huge difference.

Reduce, Recycle and Reuse

One of the newest trends is in reclaimed products. Reclaimed wood is a great way to furnish your home in a one of a kind, eco-friendly manner that you can feel very good about. Choose natural products for your flooring and counter tops from a renewable source. Recycle old window treatments by going to a thrift shop and pulling out your old sewing machine. Think about a new, guaranteed stink free compost and reduce the amount of waste from your home. This is great for your garden too.

Creating a green home is a positive step for the environment, assures a healthy home for your family and feels great. It’s not a difficult process either. Try one or all of the tips above and get ready to be green.

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