Getting Your Edmonton Home Ready For Winter

As summer comes to an end, fall brings the on set of winter preparation for the Edmonton winter season. While this may sound like a daunting task to some it can be quite satisfying for homeowners to complete the necessary tasks. It is a comforting feeling knowing you are ready for the cold weather, and it will be even more comforting when that weather sets in.

To help you prepare for the change of season I will share with you my own lost of winter prep to do’s.

#1 Yard Clean-up.

Before the leaves even turn, I clean up the gardens. Cut back any bushes that need trimming. Trim and perennials that have finished blooming and are overgrown.

#2 Check drainage and run offs.

Ok this is not a normal check for me but after 14 years in a home that was built in 1982, I am concerned my sidewalks are slanting and not in a favourable direction. My walkways have started to slope toward this house. I am concerned that snow will pile up there and the spring melt will see puddling. We always want to direct water away from our homes. So, while I do my yard clean-up, I will prepare for a late season sidewalk installation.

#3 Check eavestroughs and downspouts.  

This is a more comment check. After a long summer season, I often find my gutters full of leaves. The leaves will prevent water from flowing properly. This can focus water to find a new route and lead to leaks into the home. We don’t want that!

Some people are comfortable climbing up and clean the troughs themselves. If you have a high roof or are not comfortable on a ladder, there are companies that can help you out with that.

#4 Lights

Always check your outdoor lights before winter sets in and brings long dark days. You may just need to replace a few bulbs, but you will be grateful you checked when the temperatures drop.

I, however, also need to replace exterior fixtures. With multiple outdoor lights only working part of the time, I have decided to replace all the main exterior light fixtures. This also will give me an opportunity to get them all matching.

#5 Store loose parts

Gather up all your decorations, hoses, sprinklers, and even the garden tools. Stow all of these in a dry space. Taking these items in over the winter will extend the life of the items. This might even be a trade off storage space. Bring out the shovel, snow brushes, sleds, everything winter and put away the summer stuff.

#6 Doors and windows

Take a few minutes to check the seals around the doors and windows. I replace the weather stripe every couple of years to be sure is sealing best.

While this is a simple task, this year I am looking one step farther. How is the door doing? Has it lived its life? New door is on my list of next updates. Surely my windows will need to be done soon too, but for this year I will Check the seals, paint the frame, and possibly use plastic window seal to get one more winter out of them.

#7 Cars and Rv’s

If you have a summer car or Rv you will want to winterize and store the toys.

You can also take some time to clean you regular vehicles. Take out any summer left overs like bug spray, sunscreen, floor mats full of sand… that can all go.

Think about adding extra glovers, your snowbrush, and/or an emergency road kit now so that you are prepared when the cold days get here.

#8 Yard access

Check you gates, latches, garage doors and fences. Things tend to shift and freeze up during our fridged Canadian winters. If you gate is already sticking, it will only get worse when the freeze comes. So make sure all your yard access points and flowing nicely now.

#9 Dump run

After all of this you may have found a pile of extra waste. Between shrub trimmings and old yard decor, summer toys that didn’t survive and replaced fixtures, we need to make a dump run. Do a quick google to find you closest dump.

#10 Enjoy!!

Now its time to enjoy your hard work. Kick back and appreciate that you are tucked in for winter. Your home will be safer and warmer, and you can pat yourself on the back for that.

Alright readers! I am on a mission to do my best winter prep yet and I’m going to track my journey in the next couple of weeks and update you on how I did.

How will your winter prep go??

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