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Edmonton Homes For Sale MLS Listings

It doesn’t matter what season you intend to sell your Edmonton property; you have the responsibility to prepare your Edmonton home especially if your Edmonton listing agent will be coming to list your Edmonton property. Know that listing agents suggest that your Edmonton house is in top condition so that when the time comes it’s listed on the market it can be bought in no time at all.

Curb Appeal Creation

You need to finish any projects left before listing your Edmonton home. Half-heartedly unfinished tasks around your Edmonton property can turn-off potential Edmonton home buyers. Try trimming bushes and clear off dead branches from trees so that it doesn’t block the view to your Edmonton house.

Make sure to do some paint touch-ups with your Edmonton home. Prepare your backyard by weeding out pest and mulch garden beds. Make sure to clean your sidewalks and don’t park in the driveway or in front your Edmonton home. When the time comes for your Edmonton listing agent to come he/she will know that you are really serious about selling it.


This goes without saying you need to clean your Edmonton property before listing it. Each person has his/her own understanding what clean is but here is the minimum requirement for cleaning when getting ready to list your Edmonton home:

  •     Kitchen counters must be clean and clear off anything.

  •     Personal items like diplomas, family photos must be hidden away.

  •     If you have children then any artworks on your refrigerator and toys lying around must be removed.

  •     Check for cobwebs.

  •     Make sure there aren’t any plates left in your kitchen sink.

  •     Wax wooden floors.

  •     Make use of vinegar which a common item for cleaning tile grouts.

  •     Don’t forget to clean any carpets.

  •     Dust must be removed from windows

  •     Spruce up your bathroom by making it sparkly clean and smelling good.

  •     All floors must be vacuum or swept.

Also if you have time before your Edmonton listing agent comes then make sure to relocate your furniture to another place, this will let you showcase the space of your Edmonton property.

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Note: Remember, you can access all our available Homes For Sale in Edmonton through our Edmonton MLS Listings page.

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