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It is known that most people that want to own an Edmonton property needs to be assisted by a mortgage loan. In the whole Edmonton home purchasing process, it's one of the most overwhelming advances to take. Where to look for? What loan to take? What are the conditions?

Read on to know on how to get an Edmonton home loan that’s right for you.

Bank or Broker

A greater part of Edmonton home buyers gets their Edmonton home loan specifically from banks. But banks are not the only option you have. You can also look at lenders for a lower loan rate which may be a better deal for you.

You can also hire a mortgage broker if you don’t have the time to look for a mortgage loan or if your financial situation is complicated. Mortgage brokers have a wide variety of connections to lenders and they will determine which the best loan is for you.


Before you decide which loan to take keep in mind whether there will be any major changes in your financial situation. Get an adjustable-rate mortgage or ARM if you’re expecting an increase in your income or if you’re uneasy with your job stability then it’s better to choose a fixed rate.

Lock or Not

You have the option to lock your mortgage rate for a specific time frame before closing. This item will cost you extra but with a volatile market, this action will keep you protected in case the rates go high and will save you more money in the long run.


There is little to no room negotiating the terms of the loan but there are other parts where you can negotiate. Ask for an itemized list of expenses and look at which could be pull-off from the list. Chances are lenders are willing to waived application fees or other costs which will cut back your expenses with the process.

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