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In the real estate market, it is extensive to expand activity over other competitions so that you can have the advantage if the going gets tough. In the event that you aren't getting enough showings, it may be on the grounds that there is a plenitude of other properties available, and potential Edmonton home buyers have excessive options to choose from. So the question now is how do you gain traffic to your Edmonton home?

Easily Accessible

You may never know when a potential Edmonton home buyer may show up that’s why it is important that your Edmonton house is available any time of the day. If you are not available to show your Edmonton property then let your Edmonton real estate agent do the touring.

Potential Edmonton home buyers appreciate an Edmonton property that’s accommodating them 24/7.

Host an Open House

Work out a plan with your Edmonton real estate agent about hosting an open house for your Edmonton property. Put out lots of directional signs for your Edmonton home and you can even hire a sign spinner, a person to remain on a road corner with an open house sign bolt and turns it, this might not seem appealing but this does attract attention.

Don’t forget to serve food and drinks and entertain all those who will attend the open house.


It's generally simple and economical to make e-flyers. If you are not proficient in using Photoshop and other editing applications then you can search through the internet which can give similar services but easier to use. Finally, email flyers to each individual in your email address list and to those outside of your list who attract buyers close to your Edmonton property.

Limited-Time Offer

People are curious about limited-time offer which is why it is appealing. Announce a limited-time offer that potential Edmonton home buyers can grab if they move quickly. It’s up to you what limited-time offer comes with buying your Edmonton house.

It could be anything from food-related (free groceries for a time period), prepay insurance for a whole year, etc. The possibilities are endless.

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Note: Remember, you can access all our available Homes For Sale in Edmonton through our Edmonton MLS Listings page.

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