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Four tips to sell your pet friendly home in Edmontons Real Estate Market

Tips for Selling Your Pet Friendly Home







If you are like the majority, you are likely to have at least one pet in your home. While we love our furry friends, some buyers don’t share the same sentiments. Here are some tips to help you market – and hopefully sell – your fur friendly home to any buyer.

#1 – Clean. Clean. Clean.

            Like that funny Febreze Commercial says, “we can become deSCENTsitized to our homes smells and we may not be bothered by the pet hair around our home. Buyers who walk into your home are judging it BEFORE they even take a step into the home. First impressions are everything.

            Hire a cleaner to come in for a thorough clean up before listing. This way, it’s easier to keep up with. Have a nice little bin for all the squeakers, kibble and toys. One of those automatic air fresheners are amazing to cover up pet odours. Did you know the sense of smell is one of the strongest memory recall sensory we have?

#2 – Take Fido and Fifi out for a walk during showings

            When a buyer walks through that door, not only are they completely judging your home; they are also trying to imagine it as their new home. From couches to armoires and tables to TV’s. By taking our pets out, it allows people to have complete freedom and they will feel more at ease. There are also allergies and phobias as well. Even if you pick up your pet and take them down the road to wait for the showing to end, it allows access to every room and a greater sense of freedom for the buyers.

#3 – Hide the evidence

            Litter boxes. Food dishes. Crates, cages and beds… it’s really best if you get these items out of the way. We all know litter boxes can be smelly and food bowls can have a strong odor. Pet beds are usually full of fur. Spending just ten minutes before a showing to tuck these items out of the way can make a world of difference in the mind of a potential buyer.

#4 – Lawn maintenance

            As mentioned, buyers are judging your home before they even set foot inside the door. A nice clean and neat lawn goes a long way in their eyes. Keep it clean of droppings. Pick up some grass fix seed for those burned patches. A little extra effort outside can be a key difference.

At the end of the day, when the showings are over, give our furry little friends a little extra treat and an extra snuggle on the couch for all their hard work.

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