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It's all about connecting with the right person. That’s what most people say about a relationship and the same goes in finding an Edmonton real estate agent.

When in search for an agent, be careful about picking somebody you're excessively close with. You'll invest a considerable measure of time and energy with your Edmonton real estate agent, so you should have the capacity to have genuine discussions with them and be sure about their abilities.

Do you require somebody nice or somebody forceful? This will depend on your personal approach to the market.

Buyer’s Agent or Seller’s Agent

An Edmonton real estate agent can be proficient in becoming a buyer’s agent or seller’s agent or both. But if an agent is focused solely on the buyer’s side then he/she will have a different set of skills from a seller’s agent. So make sure that you find an agent that fits your criteria.

Neighborhood Expertise

Edmonton real estate agents have their own area of focus when it comes to buying and selling Edmonton properties. The more places they know the better it is for you especially if you’re looking for an Edmonton home to buy.

Working Direct or Indirect

Know if the Edmonton real estate agent you’re considering will work with you directly throughout the process or will they have people take some task like an assistant, associate etc. A more experienced agent has a team that handles different duties to make the process flow smoothly.

If you’ll get an Edmonton real estate agent that has a team then make sure to constantly connect with the agent as much as possible.

Part-time or Full Time

There is nothing wrong with getting an agent that works part time but if possible get an Edmonton real estate agent that works full time. With a part-time agent you can never expect them to give their full attention to all your inquiries and their availability will not be as flexible as to a full-time Edmonton real estate agent.


Don’t be afraid to ask how many years an Edmonton real estate agent has been practicing his/her profession. With age comes with wisdom and that is especially true with the Edmonton real estate industry. The longer an Edmonton real estate agent has been in the market the better.

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Note: Remember, you can access all our available Homes For Sale in Edmonton through our Edmonton MLS Listings page.

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