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Financial Reason To Own An Edmonton Home Now

Edmonton Mortgage Rates

If you’re still indecisive to own an Edmonton home or not, you’re in luck! We’re here to show you three financial reasons why owning now instead of later is the best option.

INTEREST RATES ARE LOW. 2.20% is the lowest mortgage rate right now that’s being offered in Canada. Last 13 May, we featured the 2015 Edmonton Mortgage Rates, you can view the complete article here: 2015 Edmonton Mortgage Rates: Low 2.20%, It's Time To Buy!

These low interest rates are not permanent so it’s best that you avail of them now. A single digit interest rate would mean double or even triple digit savings on your end, that’s extra cash that you can use for other investments!

Team Leading Edge have partnered with some of Edmonton’s premier mortgage brokers, you can check them all out here. They’ll be happy to help you assist in applying for a mortgage.

MORTGAGE OPTIONS ARE HIGH. Because of the low mortgage rate environment in Edmonton, it has given rise to a wide variety of mortgage brokers.

From banks to private financial institutions, you have the advantage of picking and choosing the best mortgage product that is suitable to your current financial position. Again, we have to emphasize that this is not permanent, the sooner that you use this opportunity, the better.

RENTAL RATES ARE HIGH. Unless you’re a landlord, the rental market is not that too favorable to tenants. The rise in demand for rental homes have triggered the rise in its rental rates. If you do the math, paying for a single-digit mortgage is leaps and bounds better than paying for a rental (assuming that you are qualified to get a mortgage).

Owning an Edmonton home is always better than renting one, you’re better off financially that way.

The financial incentives that we have discussed here is available to you today. We do not know that the future holds. Oil prices might plunge again raising interest rates, wiping away your chances of getting a great mortgage deal. Who knows?!

Carpe Diem. Seize the moment. Buy now instead of later.

For a complete list of homes for sale in Edmonton, check out our Edmonton MLS Listings.



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