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Fact fight certainly sounds clever so we decided to do another one this Monday. This time, we want to see which one is more advantageous, renting an Edmonton home or owning it.

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RENTING: Landlord’s provide regulations and limitations.

As a tenant, the overall maintenance of the building falls under the landlord.

Landlords may ban pets. Poor doggy!

OWNING: Edmonton homeowners do not have any restrictions on their own property.

Maintenance is a responsibility.

Homeowners can take in whatever pet they want.


RENTING: Landlords generate passive income through the rental payments of the tenant. $$$ Money in the bank!

Tenants lose a big chunk of their monthly paycheck as payment for the rental.

OWNING: Edmonton properties rise in value over time, which correspond to an increase in the wealth of the homeowner.

Home equity provides a good financial asset.

Many Edmontonians agree that owning a property is the perfect asset they’ve invested in.

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RENTING: Eviction is a great cause for concern. Tenants don’t really have a stable place to reside in.

OWNING: The moment homeowner move into their permanent residence, they immediately become part of the community and in default, become part of the homeowners association in their neighborhood.

So, which do you think is much better? Renting or owning?

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