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The last part of the month of August or the first part of September is a superb time to complete a full-out examination of the exterior of your Edmonton property with the goal that any vital repairs and improvements can be finished before winter time.

Make sure to check all your outside wood trim, especially around window and entryway openings. Where required, rub and paint all outside wood trim.

Uncovered wood will in the end weaken, bringing about wood decay and water spillage.

Check the caulking around entryway openings and outside window. Recaulk where you see degradation.

Supplant any harmed weather stripping to guarantee that your Edmonton house is water tight and energy adequate.

Complete a brisk check of your material shingles. Repairs are all the more hastily finished when the shingles are still delicate and malleable in the late-summer. While you're taking a gander at the rooftop, check the flashings around the smokestack and pipes stacks. The flashings help shield those progress zones from water infiltration. Check for flashings that have been lifted, split or isolated and could permit water passage.

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