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 There’s a saying that goes like this; “you take care of things now, you’ll reap the rewards tomorrow” …or something to that effect.

Well, that’s the idea behind our topic today. We’re featuring our beloved business partner / Licensed Home Inspector, Dave Watson, and his tip on how to make your lawn healthy and beautiful come springtime.

“A little extra time in the fall with lawn maintenance will reap benefits in the Spring with a thicker, healthier lawn."

In order to make your lawn bounce back quicker in Spring, you will need to supply it with its much needed water, nutrients and aeration during the fall season.

If you didn’t know, “aeration” prevents the suffocation of roots. It decreases compaction, avoids runoff and permits the entry of air, nutrients and water into the root system.

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Here’s a laundry list of must-do maintenance activities:

  1.      Keep on cutting the lawn up until it ceases to grow in October or the first week of November.  Set your mower height to 3 inches. 

October is just a few hours away, so better start cutting!

  1.      To keep the grass healthy in the harsh winter, its moisture reserve should be at its peak. In order to attain this, you must remember to water your lawn if it doesn’t rain enough.
  2.      Administer your winter prep fertilizer after you read this.
  3.      Keep your grass thick by removing those pesky weeds. Giving new grass enough space to grow and little to no competition from those weeds will make it thick & happy =)
  4.      Double check for areas with damaged or thin grass. If you find one, immediately reseed that spot. Dave advises to “Rake the area lightly to remove any debris and after applying the seed, make sure that it is pressed firmly into the ground.”
  5.      Discard a test plug to inspect if you need to aerate the lawn and try to measure the decomposed matter that builds up between the bottom of the grass and surface of the soil. You should aerate the lawn if its more than half an inch.

There you have it! Really simple tips to take care of your lawn for Spring.

If you found this helpful, we’d like to invite you to visit Dave’s website at He publishes great seasons tips for the maintenance of your Edmonton home.

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