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If you are new in the Edmonton real estate industry there are some terms that you might have read or heard which is unfamiliar. You probably might have encountered the phrase ‘house flipping’ a few times.

So what is it?

House flipping is the process of buying an Edmonton house and then selling it at a profit within the shortest manageable time--which is the aim of each and every Edmonton real estate investor.

With house flipping in mind, here are some info on how to start flipping Edmonton houses.


In flipping houses, one of the most critical things for success is doing in-depth research on the areas where you will implement your flipping strategy. If you go buying Edmonton properties in an area which you are unsure, most likely your buyers will bid you below market value.


Connecting with other Edmonton real estate investors in your target area is the fastest way to get inside the house flipping community.

Building a Fix and Flip Team

You can start solo when you’re just starting in flipping Edmonton houses but as time goes, building a capable house flipping team is essential in having a long-term success.

Evaluating the Deal

Comparing properties that have been sold in your targeted areas is one of the best ways to recognize the value of an Edmonton property that you are thinking of acquiring.

Make the Offer

Without acquiring the Edmonton properties you can’t fix and flip houses. The process of making an offer is one the most nerve racking experience for the first-time real estate investors, even if you are confident, there will always be that one voice in your subconscious mind which will manifest the fears about the offer. Overcoming this fear is the needed experience in being successful in this business.

Also remember, you can always use the services of a trusted team of Edmonton real estate specialists. Since you're on the buying side, their services will be free of charge!

Taking Care of Fixing Cost

Managing the fixing cost is just as important as buying cost. Too much spending in fixing the house that you will flip will leave you too little to no profit.

Sell the Property

The most awaited moment when flipping a property. This is where all your hard work really pays off.

There are so many things to learn about the Edmonton real estate industry. To learn and experience these things is to conquer and thrive. You can never learn less but only learn more and the more you know the deeper you go.

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