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Here’s a fun look at how home renovations can add up value to your property and just how much money you can win back once you’re done with it.

1. KITCHEN RENOVATION: Approx. 55% to 110%

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55% to 110% is your expected ROI for a good kitchen remodeling. Main rule of thumb here is to not make the remodeling extravagant or exaggerated.

We know the kitchen is one of the most loved parts of the house but an over the top renovation will do more harm than good.

2. +1 TOILET AND BATH: Approx. 70% - 120%

An additional toilet and bath for an original 1 t & b property can return 70% to 120% from the original cost of labor and construction. That’s a hefty sum if you manage to properly pull it off.

3. INCREASING THE FLOOR AREA: Approx. 45% - 75%

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This could be one of the costly renovations on the list, but if you ever thought of adding a new room, it’s safe to say that you’ll earn at least 45% to 75% return on top of your original cost. 

4. ADD A DECK: Approx. 50% - 75% 

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A deck adds valuable livings space to a property, so if ever you decide to add one, you’ll be happy to know that ROI is approximately 50% to 75%. Decks appeal to most homebuyers, so why not?

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