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Looking to buy or thinking of living in Edmonton? Here's your best guide to the Edmonton community.

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Buying an Edmonton house requires comprehensive research and intensive preparation for the process to become successful. However, there are factors which can affect the process, in turn, will result in failure.

Here are 6 factors why you are not ready to buy an Edmonton house.

Low Credit Score

Before leaping into buying an Edmonton house, you better check your credit score. If you have made big purchases previously then there will be a high chance for your mortgage application to get disapproved.

Also, a good credit score will give a lower monthly cost which will help you secure your Edmonton home.

Can’t Save

Having an Edmonton property is more than just paying your monthly mortgage. There are other expenses to think about. If

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Walker Edmonton Homes For Sale

We made it! Our first neighborhood to feature in this segment is straight from the South East!  Yes, it’s Walker!

Bounded by Ellerslie Road, 66 Street and 50 street, this new neighborhood was formerly used as agricultural land.  Farmhouses and residential lots are located along 50 and 60 streets.

See map below:

According to the Walker Neighborhood Structure Plan (NSP), it: 

seeks to establish a vibrant and sustainable community in southeast Edmonton through the articulated integration of land uses and their connection with one another.

Walker Edmonton Real Estate

This neighbourhood does not contain any active gas or oil wells based from the information provided by the Alberta Energy & Utilities Board (AEUB) so the neighborhoods resources are geared

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