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Edmonton Homes: To Buy or To Build? That Is The Question

 Homes For Sale Edmonton

Okay, not to be so melodramatic about it but that is the question that we at Team Leading Edge have decided to answer today. We broke it down piece by piece and ended up with our pros and cons section below.

In the economic environment that we’re experience today in Edmonton, what’s really more worth it for your money? Let us find out.

Oh, by the way! For a complete list of available Homes For Sale in Edmonton, come and visit our Edmonton MLS Listings page.

Homes For Sale Edmonton

Let us start with BUILDING.


  1. Like those bespoke suits in the movie King’s Men, your dream home would custom built to satisfy your heart’s desire. It’s the single most important incentive you will have if you chose to build your home from the scratch.
  2. A home built from scratch means that you will have the benefit of having to choose the most cost-effective, energy-saving fixtures and furniture available on the market.
  3. Lastly, the value of your newly built home will cost way more than the homes built 3, 5, 10 years ago if you ever decide to sell in the future.

CONS: Try not to frown.

  1. You may have to spend more. Costs of labor, materials and the time to will have to set aside to pull it off will all add up to a high cost.
  2. Speaking of the “amount of time” you will spend to have a perfect home, you will have to deal with the headache inducing trouble of making sure your contractor finishes on his deadline while maintaining quality of the home in the highest standard. If you do not have any construction experience or knowledge, you will not know if your contractor cut corners to finish on time-not until a few months later, when you see the leaks and cracks that is.
  3. Those two basically sums up the gloomy path that lies ahead.

Now, we go to the option of BUYING.


  1. The best counter incentive for people who chose to buy their homes for sale in Edmonton instead of building is the CONVENIENCE of it. It’s as easy as writing down the most important factors you’re looking for a home and searching it on the Edmonton MLS Listings. 5 minutes is all you need!
  2. Luxury of choosing the price. This supplements the first pro. Buyers have the ability to pick and choose the house they like for the price they want (buyer’s market).
  3. There are fewer and fewer lots available for sale in the best neighborhoods in Edmonton. If you would like to live in Walker for example, the probability that you will find a house for sale is higher than that of a vacant lot.
  4. Time is gold. If you need to move in on a given time frame, the house for sale is already waiting for you.
  5. You don’t get a home that’s built to your heart’s desire.
  6. Renovations might cost a pretty penny.
  7. Buying homes for sale in Edmonton is not as romantic as building a home for the ground up.

There you have it. There are a lot of things to factor in when deciding between these two. There’s no magic formula that we can use since each and every situation is unique. We do hope that with the break down that we made here, it could aide you in making an informed decision.


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