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Edmonton Homes Reality Check! 2015 FSBO Is A Failure, Here’s Why

This June, if you’re thinking of selling your Edmonton home on your own-DON’T!

We’ve discussed this before, remember Edmontonians, Why Not To Go FSBO?

Lower than 10% of FSBO’s are actually sold on the market, according to the National Association of Realtors.

Unfortunately, we’re still receiving feedbacks that FSBO is “still viable”. We know that each individual is entitled to his or her own opinion, but in this business, we at Team Leading Edge would like to help the rest of the community decrease their chances of wasting precious time and increase the probability of successfully selling their Edmonton home as soon as possible.

Note: You can check out all the non-FSBO Homes For Sale in Edmonton via the Edmonton MLS Listings and see for yourself why it’s better.

Homes For Sale Edmonton

If you still need more convincing, here are some the reasons why it’s a foolish endeavor.

HOME PREPARATION. Edmonton home owners that chose to sell on their own lack the knowledge and skill to correctly prepare a home before being offered on the market.

This is high on the list because, as every Edmonton Realtor know, it is the one crucial factor that could easily make or break the selling process.

Here’s a good source on how to prepare your home this summer: Edmonton Summer Home Reno Tips 2015

SCREENING HOME BUYERS. Unlike educationally trained and experienced Realtors, home owners doesn’t really have the necessary competence to screen interested buyers. Not to look down on those who would really like to try their hands on FSBO, but this is just the reality.

Edmontonians who have tried to go FSBO wasted days, weeks and months of their lives showing the home to unqualified buyers. They don’t even know how to determine if these people have been genuinely pre-approved or pre-qualified.

LISTING INQUIRIES. Home owners are not prepared to answer inquiries. Successful Realtors like Team Leading Edge, answer inquiries for breakfast. Most home owners fail to get back to inquiries within the 15-minute deadline and that’s how they slow kill their chances of selling without even knowing it.

NEGOTIATIONS, PURCHASE OFFER. Sounds easy, right? Sad truth is not everybody can pull this off. FSBOs, again, lack the knowledge to fully negotiate and understand real estate contracts.

Edmonton Realtors earned their licenses buy studying hard and truly understanding the complexities of real estate contracts-IT’S THEIR JOB. Home owners have not gone through any of this. The closest thing they can get to this is by Google searching, reading unreliable comments and blogs.

CLOSING DEALS. Truth of the matter is FSBOs don’t know how to close a sale. Edmonton home owners fail to understand that after they have accepted a purchase offer, there are still a lot of documentations to be done. There are deadlines that needs to be met and errands that needs to be done by both the buyer and the seller. To sum this up, homeowners doesn’t know what to do after this point.

If you’re still decided on pushing through with the FSBO after you have read this article. We wish you good luck! If ever you will need any help, remember to call us anytime. We will be happy to assist you in any way possible.


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