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With today's technology and the marvels of the internet, life has been adequately easy. From shopping to finding the right person to date, the possibilities seem limitless. It's no wonder that even finding the right Edmonton house is just a few clicks away. Seeing the property online is not a far cry from seeing it in person the only difference is the few details.

So here are some comparisons of looking at Edmonton homes online vs in person.

Online: It's Huge!

Photographers are sometimes called magicians. They can make simple objects look rather extravagant. They can use a variety of wide angle lenses to make everything look as large as possible.

In person: Is this a hobbit house?!

Edmonton home buyers are often surprise by how small the home is in person.

Online: It looks like a brand new house!

Affinity, Photoshop and Pixlr are just some of the editing softwares that can be used to enhance images to make an appearance of a home brand new.

In person: What the hell that smell?! - Will Smith

Pet odors, molds and sewer/septic issues are some of the surprises that the buyer can't experience online.

Online: It looks so peaceful.

Peaceful environments are created by home staging which makes it more appealing for buyers. But those aspects are just to distract the buyer from the other details.

In person: Were those gun shots that I just heard?!

To fully understand the Edmonton neighborhood of the house that you want to buy, it's a wise practice to hangout for a few hours to experience the area.

Online: This house feels good!

Almost all properties online have positive information, It's quite rare to see a property to show flaws.

In person: Is that a pig in my neighbors yard?!

Yes, you read that right. Enough said.

Not all online properties have details that they don't want the buyers to know, some properties do really have the "what you see is what you get" deal. So the next time you look for a property online, better go in person just in case.

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