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Edmonton Homes For Sale: Get It Inspected, Before Being Listed In The MLS

Homes For Sale Edmonton

This first Monday of October, we’re bringing you up to speed into the mechanics of how to sell your Edmonton home properly.

The topic that we’ll discuss today is “Edmonton Home Inspection”. Some Edmonton home sellers still don’t know the importance of getting their home inspected before being listed in the Edmonton MLS.

Note: Remember, you can access all our available Homes For Sale in Edmonton through our Edmonton MLS Listings page.

Homes For Sale EdmontonThat right there spells disaster. In this challenging economic times, not being thoroughly prepared would make you lose money instead of earning it.

Here’s a few points you need to remember why Edmonton home inspection is crucial.

  1. UNFORESEEN COSTS: The possibility of repairs in the electrical, plumbing and ventilation system of a house that’s 3-5 years old is high. If you’ll be able to detect these problems early on, you’ll have enough time to save or raise money for the needed repairs vs being rushed when there are already potential home buyers.
  2. POTENTIAL HOME BUYERS: Yup, that’s what we’re aiming for, to get potential home buyers to walk into your house and view it for themselves. It would be a major turn off if they see that there are problems in the electric switch or leaking faucets! You’ll lose the people that’ll bring in the money!
  3. SELLING PRICE: Once potential home buyers detect problems in the property, they could either run or haggle the price down bottom. Believe us, you’ll wish you had your house professionally inspected before this headache.

When you professionally get your home inspected you get the following.

  1. TRUST: Because you’ll have the documents to prove that your home is in it’s A-game.
  2. FAIR MARKET VALUE: Since everything is in order, there is no reason for you to lower the selling price of the home.
  3. PEACE OF MIND: And this is what everybody wants, a professionally inspected Edmonton Home For Sale will provide both buyers and sellers with a safe environment to do business in.

If you’re thinking of selling your Edmonton home this week or this month, it’s best that you start searching for reputable Edmonton Home Inspectors.

Team Leading Edge have partnered with some of the city’s most trusted home inspectors. You can check them out here: Edmonton Business Partners

Once you’re ready to sell, simply dial these numbers 780-634-8151 and Team Leading Edge will do the rest for you.


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