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Upgrading your precious Edmonton home is one great way to increase its market value and improve its structural longevity. It’s always recommended to have an upgrade at some point in the lifetime of your home.

Here’s our post about the “Edmonton Home Improvement Pricelist 2015”. The price points we mentioned there is still relevant today.

With this important aspect in home ownership, we at Team Leading Edge decided to discuss the persisting home upgrade myths in Edmonton.

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  1.        PERSONAL TOUCHES: A great number of Edmonton home owners and sellers still believe that putting personal touches boost the selling price of the home.

Sad to say that this is not true. It creates the opposite effect-it actually lowers down the value of the home. Not all people have the same taste so it is best to keep things simple and general.

  1.        DO-IT-YOURSELF: People are still fooled by the DIY home renovation projects they see on TV.  They think DIY is the best way to go. That’s simply delusional. Although it’s really admirable for homeowners to be hands-on in upgrading their homes, the best and most advisable course of action is still to hire professional contractors. These will reduce the probability that you’ll destroy the home. Contractors live and breathe home renovation, so all you will have to do is trust the experts.
  2.        FASHION THAT IS IN FAVOR: Some Edmontonians still believe that trendy upgrade or items will help sell their Edmonton homes fast. Sorry to break it to you, but, this thought process is completely false.

Take note that trends come and go. The kitchen style that you chose this month might not be next month’s trend. Focus on a timeless appeal and quality design. Use neutral colors for the walls, opt for classic interiors and don’t go over the top.

  1.        ADDING FLOOR SIZE: Building another floor to add square footage to your home might “add” value to your home but it’ll surely turn-off majority of home buyers. For one, it can cause structural problems to the house, others may view it as impractical. Just stick to the home’s original square footage if you can.

Upgrades should be beneficial and not disadvantageous to your endeavor. If you avoid these 4 persisting myths, you might just well be on your way to real estate success! Good luck!

Note: Remember, you can access all our available Homes For Sale in Edmonton through our Edmonton MLS Listings page.

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