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Edmonton Home Staging Mistakes To Avoid This July

homes for sale Edmonton

Home staging is one of the most important step in the Edmonton home selling process. If you wish to sell your Edmonton home fast, these are the mistakes you have to surely avoid.

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Homes For Sale Edmonton

  1. CLUTTER. First order of business is to declutter. Many Edmontonians make the mistake of cluttering their homes, top-to-bottom.

A basket of dirty laundry, scattered toys and messy plates can all contribute to the annihilation of your chances of getting the home sold fast.

C’mon! decluttering isn’t so difficult. Just remove all the unnecessary stuff around the house and to make it bright and shiny.

  1. REMOVE PERSONAL EFFECTS. By that, we mean all the things that personally identify with you or your family. Edmonton home sellers make the mistake of thinking that their personal art collections or materials would add a “Wow!” effect on the staging-IT DOES NOT. It has quite the opposite effect. The trick here is to help the potential buyer/s VISUALIZE or imagine themselves owning and living in your home.

Sorry to say but picture frames, religious objects and the like should go. (Step 1, remember?)

If the potential buyer creates an immediate connection with your home, then 80% of the time, it’s a sure sell.

  1. USE MODERN/CONTEMPORARY FURNITURE. Yes! Please do avoid using outdated furniture or equipment. It creates a negative visual impact on the home.
  2. LET THERE BE LIGHT! And there should really be plenty of light. Natural-light to be exact. It creates the sensation of warmth and the homey, welcoming feeling that every Edmonton home buyer should get.

Avoid committing the error of installing heavy window treatments and place your modern or contemporary furniture away from the windows so it would not block any light.

Home staging have a very strong influence in the mindset of an Edmonton home buyer so you should not take this lightly. These four tips might look easy but majority of Edmontonians still and probably will make these blunders. Take this knowledge and apply it on your selling venture, then you’ll see and experience for yourself the drastic effects that it would make.


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