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Long time Edmonton home owners know the importance of spring cleaning to maintain the state and longevity of the property. It’s a tedious task and sad to say, a good number of people hate it.

*Gents, gents, yes we understand

Today, we tried break it down into bite sized pieces so everybody in family can enjoy this activity.

Here’s the bucket list that you’ll need to go through to keep everything in order.
Remember, the key here is to treat the rooms separately and not doing everything at once.

Homes For Sale Edmonton

Start with…

  • Utilize a microfiber cloth to wipe and dust off tables, chairs and shelves.
  • Discard unused items on top of your tables, shelves or down the floors.
  • Steam carpets and upholstery while dry clean curtains, drapes.
  • Use lemon to degrease the microwave. Simply heat it for 10 minutes and apply in a cloth-you can easily wipe the grime away.
  • Dishwashing soaps and hot water can be used to wash cabinets.
  • Mix hot water with a cup of vinegar and half a cup of baking soda, this concoction can be used to freshen up your garbage bins.
  • Revive the original color of your tiles by steam-cleaning it.
  • When cleaning the toilet, tub and sink, it’s best to use detergents that are labeled as “non-abrasive”.
  • Get rid of expired meds, old makeup kits and make sure to brush the interiors of cabinets.


  1. THE BEDROOMS: Whether it’s the master’s bedroom, kids or an extra bedroom, the procedures are the same.
  • Headboards must be dusted off.
  • Inside the closet, place in order or separate your “old” and “new” clothes.
  • Take your bedspreads and mattress to the laundry

It’s as simple as that! No need to cringe whenever you hear spring cleaning.

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