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The most undeniable element that attracts people to Edmonton house is because of their looks. Classic, modern, stylish, trendy, you name it Edmonton properties got it.  But aside from the looks, an Edmonton house can also captivate potential buyers with their sense of smell.

Read on to know which household items you can use to amp up the success rate of your Edmonton home sale


Everybody loves the smell of coffee in the morning so utilize this scent if a potential Edmonton home buyer is going to view your Edmonton property in the morning. Also, coffee grounds can remedy the lingering smell of spoiled food in your refrigerator. Fill a couple of bowls with coffee grounds and place them in your refrigerator overnight.


Lemons can be applied everywhere to deodorize the smell of your Edmonton property. On the off chance that there is an overpowering smell in your trash cans, you can put lemon peels down in it to neutralize the scent.

Also if you want your entire kitchen to have a lemon aroma then cut a lemon down the middle and place it (cut side up) in a bowl of water and let it sit.

Vanilla Extract

Vanilla is a pretty good item to use for deep-rooted foul smells especially in microwaves. You can pour a few amounts of vanilla extract in a bowl and place it inside the microwave and set it up on high for at least one and a half minute. You’ll be surprised at how well vanilla works.


Vinegar may not have the most pleasant smell but this item can fix smoky odors inside your Edmonton property. You can do this by placing a small bowl with a quarter full of vinegar in the room which has a smoky issue. If the smell persists you can then use several bowls.

Baking Soda

Another household item you can use for foul lingering smells inside your refrigerator is baking soda. Put an open box of baking soda in your refrigerator to negate any smell from furthering to continue in your refrigerator.

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