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Edmonton Home Selling: It’s All About That Sexy Appeal

Edmonton Home Selling: It’s All About That Sexy Appeal

Competition is fierce in this time of the year.

Okay, I just thought of opening up this article with that sentence. Today, I’d like to get the message across to you in a strong and clear manner. With the lingering world oil crisis, the real estate market has taken a hit, albeit not too hard compared with the other industry.

As we have reported in an earlier article, “recorded home sales have dropped down to only 1,073, that is 17.5% lower compared to February 2014”.

That figure goes to show that you need to pull all the stops in order to get your Edmonton home sold fast on the MLS.

Our goal here is to help you. As agents, we can sell your property but you have to do your part of the business in order to make this process as efficient as possible.

Below is a short list of the most things you need to do to take the Edmonton home selling competition up a notch. Increase the probability of selling your home with these knowledge!

CURB APPEAL: The façade of your house is the first thing home buyers see so it’s the first thing that you need to take care of. Spring is here so you can now easily take care of the front (and back) yard. Change the porch lights, mow the lawn and add a fresh coat of paint to give the sexy appeal to potential buyers. FIRST IMPRESSION IS EVERYTHING!

INTERIOR APPEAL: Now that you have convinced potential home buyers to see your home, the next battlefield is the interior. Remove all your personal belongings out of the living and dining area. You are selling your home now, the home buyers need to visualize that THEY own the property when they view it. Decluttering is key in achieving that goal.


LAST, BUT NOT LEAST, HARDWARE APPEAL: Now is the best time to do maintenance work. Make sure the all the systems are working; electrical, plumbing, air-conditioning, etc. To be safe, try to employ the services of a professional.

When potential home buyers see that the property is well maintained, they’d easily have peace of mind and would not be worrying on doing repairs themselves.

Home buyers gravitate towards well-staged, well-maintained home, you can almost be absolutely sure that your home would not be listed on the market for long.

Buyers will fight-over your piece of property if you follow this simple things.

Check out what other homes for sale in Edmonton look like through our new and improved Edmonton MLS listings. It’s updated daily and if you decide to list your home with us, we can guarantee that it’ll be up there for the whole city to see.

Our team is on stand-by waiting for you call. Meet the team here and remember to pick up your phone and dial 780-634-8151 to have that Edmonton home listed now.


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