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Things wont always go according to your plan.

Thats the cold hard truth right there when it comes to selling Edmonton real estate, there's no sugar coating that. In order for you to succeed in this venture, you need to be extremely realistic, wishful thinking or being over optimistic could just lead to a heartache. 

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  • A buyer or buyers broker might just drop the ball in the middle of the transaction. Don't fret. Move forward and find somebody else. There's no time for you to weep or be angry, this part of the business and you have to have the mentally toughness to withstand unforeseen events like these.

  • Edmonton Home Inspections on your property might expose unexpected surprises. Keep your composure and try to fix the problem. You need to be open to compromises.

  • When closing the deal, scheduled dates might be delayed. You'll just never know if something will pop-up to interrupt the most special day in your life. Keep calm and be patient. Talk to the buyer and setup a grace period. It doesn't hurt to make one.

edmonton mls listings


Free your heart of the burden and pressure of getting things done on a exact date. Sure, its important to stick to schedules but again, we have to remind you, in real estate, things aren't really like that all the time.

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Just relax. Team Leading Edge is here to help you sell your Edmonton home. When you work with Team Leading Edge, you can definitely expect to have your home sold in no time!

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Note: Remember, you can access all our available Homes For Sale in Edmonton through our Edmonton MLS Listings page.

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*Serge Bourgoin wrote: Some of these problems don't happen very often... but be weary of those house inspections you can be assured that in more cases than not they find problems you didn't even know existed. Now you need to decide how to best handle those issues should the buyer have a problem with those issues.

Sometimes it can be as simple as you repairing it yourself, hiring someone to fix it prior to possession date, or sometimes the issues can be resolved by a monetary adjustment. But if both parties are willing to be reasonable and compromise then the deal can still move forward.

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