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Pet owners rejoice! It’s 2016! It’s time for you to finally sell your home and upgrade your life to awesomeness!

Okay, Edmonton homes with pets do need some additional processes to ensure that it’ll be totally prepared for any and all potential buyers. You wouldn’t want your home to be blacklisted by potential buyers simply because of “pet concerns”. The secret to selling your Edmonton home right away is to make sure that the property has little to no trace of any pet/s living in there.

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Yes, you have to digest that fact of real estate life.

If you’re really serious in selling, you have to do everything to minimize or remove any evidence that a pet occupied the home.

This Sunday, Team Leading Edge gathered a few helpful tips that will resolve any pet related concerns of your potential home buyers

Note: Remember, you can access all our available Homes For Sale in Edmonton through our Edmonton MLS Listings page.


Let’s start with the most obvious. The first thing potential home buyers will notice when they step inside your home is the pet smell. You as the pet-owner will be accustomed to the smell but it wouldn’t be the same case for potential home buyers. Worst-case scenario, this might turn-off buyer’s right from the start.

Try to give your Edmonton home a fighting chance. You may try to remove the smell by steam cleaning the carpets and furniture upholstery. If steaming doesn’t remove the odor, you will have no choice but to replace the carpets and upholstery. Ouch!


Once your home is pet-odor-free. You have to move on to the damages. 99% of the time, pets cause damages to the walls, carpets, sofa and moldings by chewing or scratching them.

In this challenging economic environment, potential home buyers will check and double-check every inch of the home to make sure they’re getting their money’s worth. If they see any pet damages, the probability that they’d give an offer will significantly drop. If there’s damage in one particular part of the home or item, potential buyers might have the impression that there will be more of that kind of damage all over the place. THIS SHOULD BE AVOIDED AT ALL COST!

Repair or replace any damages before you put you list your home on the Edmonton MLS.


Landscaped provides added value to your Edmonton home. We’ve extensively discussed last year the importance of your home’s curb appeal in the selling process.

A well landscaped home will be immediately flagged down by potential home buyers if there’s feces all over the place. Your beautiful flowers, bushes and trees will not save the situation.

Before making your home available on the market, make sure to clean the front and backyard of any trace of feces. Also, make sure to regularly water the grass. If your pets urinate on the grass, it may cause a yellowish discoloration due to high levels of nitrogen in the urine, you can avoid this by simply keeping the grass wet. The water dilutes the urine preventing the grass to have the discoloration.


Opening your house to strangers can cause significant stress to your pets. They will view potential home buyers as intruders, or worst, as threats. This may cause them to be aggressive and restless.

Save your pets these troubles by simply taking them out whenever there are showings or by placing them inside cages or specialized crates.


You may view these as added work but these additional processes will sure help you sell your Edmonton home in no time this 2016.

Also, remember, Team Leading Edge is here to assist you in your real estate transactions, if you’re ready to sell, just give the team a call, 780-634-8151.

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