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Edmonton Home Sellers: 5 Things To Repair Before Putting Your Home For Sale

 Edmonton Home For Sale

Before putting your home for sale on the Edmonton MLS, you must work out a bucket list of the major things you need to repair.

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Unrepaired items can ultimately ruin your chances of getting your Edmonton home sold! If you’re smart enough (and we know you are—because you’re reading this) you’ll need to take care of the potential troublemakers before selling.

Note: Remember, you can access all our available Homes For Sale in Edmonton through our Edmonton MLS Listings page.

We at Team Leading Edge have compiled 5 major things that you will need to look into in order to facilitate the smooth and fast selling transaction. Let’s begin!

  1. PLUMBING: Start your bucket list of things to repair with the plumbing. Leaks should be repaired immediately.

    Double check if there are leaks in the pipes underneath the kitchen sink, basement and all parts of your Edmonton home.

    Keep this in mind, if buyers see that there’s a leak inside your home, their immediate concern would almost always be MOLDS (and that would make your life a little miserable).
  2. MOLDS. Molds are disgusting and can be the one to ruin your selling opportunities. Bathrooms are the most common place where molds thrive and grow because of the smooth tiled surface.

    Molds also thrive in the basement windows and dry wall. If you spot mold growth in these areas, you must find the source that’s creating moisture. Once you have repaired the source of the moisture, you may get rid of the mold and have the peace of mind that they’ll never be back in there.
  3. HEATING, VENTILATION, AIR CONDITIONING (HVAC). Since we’re already on the topic of moisture, the next thing you need to repair is your heating and cooling system. These things would provide you or your home’s new tenants with a comfortable environment in the summer and winter time.

    As what our trusted Edmonton Home Inspectors always point out, an ancient HVAC system is one of the first things they will always check on.

    It is common for real estate deals to fall apart simply because of faulty HVAC system.
  4. ELECTRICAL WIRING. It’s not fun if somebody gets electrocuted because you neglected to repair all your faulty electrical wiring. C’mon, let’s be realistic here, problems like these can kill or destroy your property so you should always keep this in check.
  5. EDMONTON HOME INTERIOR. Before letting your broker place that huge “FOR SALE” sign on the front porch, you should make sure all the holes, scratches and old wall paint must be repaired. Of course you will need to spend a little money to these things done but at the end of the day, it is still for your own benefit ($$$$).


Putting on a fresh coat of paint on the interior, replacing sections of the drywall and changing the ancient fixtures into something modern would double (or even triple!) the chances of your Edmonton home getting sold fast.

It’s not magic, it’s science. If potential home buyers sees your home in top shape, just like brand new then it would surely register in their mind that your home is the best deal that they’ll ever get in Edmonton.

Prevention is better than cure. If you prevent those 5 potential troublemakers from causing harm in your transaction, then it wouldn’t be long before you laugh your way to the bank. Good luck!



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Joe Tolvay wrote: These are some of the simplest things that everyone should know, whether thinking about selling their home or not. Do it for yourself and quality of living!

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