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Edmonton Home Seller Reality Check: It’s Spring Time! If You’re Selling Get-Your Home Inspected.

Edmonton Home That Has Been Inspected

Edmonton home that has been inspected and now ready for sale.

The city of Edmonton has officially entered the spring season and based on usual flow of things in the local real estate market, this is the time where home buyers end their hibernation and start shopping for that dream Edmonton house.

The time is ticking. Though many said that the market have slowed down due to the current oil crisis, we at Team Leading Edge have seen quite the opposite. One of our associates just closed 3 deals this past week which indicates that home buyers are getting active-or that his just really good. Either way, I wrote this simple article to remind you that if you’re thinking of selling, you better get your home inspected right away.

More often than not, Edmontonians try to skip having their homes professionally inspected, which ultimately result in having the sales process drag on for days on in.  

If you don’t get your house inspected before having it listed on the Edmonton MLS, chances are, when those homebuyers find out the results after an inspection, almost 99.9% they will ask for a price reduction-WHY? Because, those buried issues will pop-up in the report card of the home inspector. Leaks here, cracks there… those minor issues, will bring major setbacks in the selling price!

Now, some issues could easily be fixed by you-at little to cost. You can do some DIY stuff. There’s plenty of resources offering how to fix leaks, cracks, etc; Google, Youtube and even Pinterest. It’s up to you on where you’re comfortable.

We’ve taken extra consideration in providing our readers with good home improvement materials, you may check the DIY section on our 2 blogs. Check them out here: & Home Improvement Tips.

As an added help, we’ve also partnered with some of Edmonton’s most trusted home inspectors, you can check them all out here.

Sometimes, the obvious may not just be that-“obvious”. See, its obvious people need to prepare when they want to sell their homes, but they tend to ignore it-which is a costly mistake.

So, here’s the reality check for you. It’s already spring, things are moving fast. Better make that move now, before it’s too late.

For a complete list of Edmonton homes for sale, do check out our new and improved Edmonton MLS listings. You can have your home listed with us. Just call 780-634-8151 and set the appointment now.


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