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Edmonton Home Owner Staging Bucket List

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Here are a few things that should be on your home staging bucket list this 2015. (What??? You don’t have one? Well, you should have my friend).

Home staging is the ultimate tool to influence potential home buyers to purchase your Edmonton real estate.

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Homes For Sale Edmonton

Put this on your Evernote so you wouldn’t lose or forget it.

  1. CLEAN AND PLAIN. To suit different potential Edmonton home buyers, you must keep the home interior design clean and simple.

Here’s the secret: Keep the colors of neutral. Not too dark, not too bright.

  1. GLOWING IN APPEARANCE. Make the interior sparkle. Provide a generous amount of natural light to enter the rooms.

Here’s the secret: natural light FREE! So give home buyers ample amount.

  1. MAKE IT PLEASANT. The more comfort your Edmonton home can provide, the higher the probability that it will sold fast. Does the A/C function well for the summer time? Is the heater working for the upcoming winter? (Yes, winter is coming! And so is the next season of GoT!)
  2. HOMEY. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again… make the house feel “Homey”. Add a few furniture to the rooms-don’t, just please don’t leave it empty.

Empty rooms look unappealing and can have a negative visual impact to the potential home buyer. A table here and there, some little cabinets would do just fine. The goal here is to make them feel at home and not at some deserted/haunted home.

  1. SPACE. And this one is very important. You should not leave this behind your bucket list. Achieve the illusion of space by installing hanging curtains a few inches higher than window frames. Color can also provide the appearance of having a bigger space, the trick here is to make the color of the walls continuous from area to area, like kitchen to the living room. Don’t forget, the size of the furniture will also help in providing space-do not use oversized pieces.

There you have it. 5 simple things to do in order to have your home stage ready and be sold fast.


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