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Edmonton Home Credit: What Not To Do This 2015

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First and foremost, let Team Leading Edge be the first to congratulate you in applying for a home credit. It is just a few steps away from owning your dream Edmonton home! Woohoo!

Today, we’d like to share with you a few thing to avoid when taking on home credit.

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  1. WHILE IN CONTRACT, AVOID PLACING ANYTHING ON CREDIT. It’s a simple as remembering that if you do not have any money to buy for something, then avoid at all cost the urge of purchasing it via credit.
  2. THE CASH YOU HAVE SAVED FOR CLOSING SHOULD NOT BE SPENT. Like what we have mentioned previously, REFRAIN from spending that money. There are things that is beyond your control and if you spend that money and not be able to replace it in time, you’ll be putting yourself in financial jeopardy.
  3. IF IT’S EVER POSSIBLE, POSTPONE YOUR WEDDING. The reason for this is to avoid the risk of having title issues. It’s as simple as that.
  4. LASTLY, PLEASE AVOID TAKING ON A NEW CAREER OR LEAVING YOUR JOB. For the obvious reason that these activities will affect your credit-your mortgage company might consider this move as a potential risk on their account since it will affect your income.

See? Bite size pieces of information that has a huge impact on your home credit. Take heed of the advice and you’ll definitely be on the right path of owning that dream Edmonton home.

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