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An open house is a regular event where people who are looking for an Edmonton home or simply just curious individuals who want to know what the gathering is all about. For the more experience, Edmonton homebuyers open houses is a religious experience where the opportunity shouldn’t be missed.

Read on to know what the proper courtesy to do and other information, which can help you when you stop at the next Edmonton open house.

Agent’s Role

Every Edmonton real estate agent has his or her own approach with open houses. They may greet you with open arms at the doorway, they may be in the next room entertaining other visitors, either way you are welcomed.

It is customary to be asked to sign the guest registry when you arrive. Typically realtor’s sellers require them to have a record of everyone that came through the property for security purposes. Sometimes items go missing while holding an open house, or thieves who attend open houses just as a way to case the property to see what valuables might be in the home and to determine what kinds of security measures the home may have.

Also, you can’t always be sure that the one you are talking to is a buyer’s agent, listing agent or even the seller. If you are unsure of which is the one that who is holding the open house then you could always ask. This is better than guessing the wrong person and embarrassing yourself.

Tell your Intentions

When you visit an open house tell the agent what your intentions are, may it be that you just curious to see what the property looks inside, or if you are actually looking to buy a home. This is good etiquette and either way you are welcomed.

Tour the home, and who knows, you may change your mind from just being curious to wanting to own the home.

No Agent, No problem

If you haven’t hired an agent yet to represent you when you visit an open house then give this information with the agent.  Know that one great way of finding an Edmonton real estate agent is through an open house and chances are he/she can become your agent.

Ask all the questions you have and determine if that agent wants to work with you. This is also a wonderful opportunity for you to see that agent in action because of the open house.

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