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Edmonton Home Buyers: When Is The Right Time To Buy?

Homes For Sale Edmonton

Easy! RIGHT NOW at this moment in time is the right time for you to buy! Carpe Diem! Seize the moment.

Today at Team Leading Edge, we’ve arranged a few practical reasons for you to see why “NOW” is the right time to own an Edmonton home.

Homes For Sale Edmonton

FIRST AND FOREMOST, IT’S SUMMER! That’s one of the best reason to go out, look and own your dream home. You wouldn’t want to view properties in the winter time, wouldn’t you?

PRICES. Home values in Edmonton will continue to rise, just check out our Edmonton Real Estate Weekly Market Update.

Gone are the days where Edmonton homes are undervalued. Projections and market reports all point out to an increase in the home prices.

MORTGAGE. Currently, Edmonton home owners are enjoying a relatively low mortgage environment. See our report about the Edmonton mortgage rates: 2015 Edmonton Mortgage Rates: Low 2.20%, It's Time To Buy!

It will not stay like this forever and with the oil crises hitting Alberta, an increase in imminent.

RENTAL. Owning is better than renting. On a financial standpoint, owning a home has more advantages than paying for a rental. When you own a home, you pay the mortgage to the bank to pay down your principal whilst when you rent, you pay down the principal of the landlord.

TIME. As we have mentioned, the prices and the mortgage rates are on the rise so while it’s still on an attractive level, its best that you don’t let this pass.

Team Leading Edge is here to help you with all of these. Call the team today.


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