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By nature people are greedy. Greedy for love, objects and especially cash.  Some people just go too far to attain that green paper. $$$

In Edmonton real estate where BIG money is involved, it attracts a ton of scammers. There's no need for an introduction for what scammers are. * cough *scumbags* So before you get yourself scammed, here are some swindling tactics to lookout for when buying that Edmonton dream house of yours.

The Wire Hoax

After weeks and weeks of negotiating for that Edmonton house, you are almost at the last steps of buying that dream real estate.
Then an email arrives, citing all the correct details about the title.  An instruction is also attached telling you to wire the cash to an account.
This account probably belongs to a scammer, so be careful because some scammers are hackers,  they could have hacked the title information.

Foreclosure Farce

An Edmonton homeowner has some financial difficulty faced with foreclosure, lists his place for sale or for rent.  You got baited, bought the Edmonton property.  Then a few weeks pass by, the owner's bank suddenly is at your front yard claiming the Edmonton house.

Disaster Loan

If a "mortgage agency" suddenly contacts you after you purchased that Edmonton home,  making promises like lowering payments in exchange for a fee and wanting access to your bank account  always remember to never respond to unsolicited offers because if it's too good to be true then it really is too good be true.

The Pressure Cooker

You thought you finally found the perfect Edmonton house for you and your family. Then you're told that if you want to buy that Edmonton property, you need to act fast.
With no time to spare you signed the contract, you hand over the check only to find out later that the place has major problems or even worst the seller doesn't even own the Edmonton house.

Cover Artist

The scam is to disguise a big problem in the Edmonton house by doing cosmetic fixes. A little bit of this, a little bit of that, then voila! problem hidden. Then after "fixing" the problem the seller will lie on the Edmonton property disclosure agreement.

Be careful of what you wish for, because not all luck begin with the word good. If you thought you've got a great bargain then think again. Take your time to research when buying and selling in real estate and again be careful.


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