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Edmonton Home Buyers: Must Have Property Checklist

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In today’s article, we share with you the “Must Have” checklist for Edmonton home buyers. With this piece of information, you’ll have a leg up in checking potential properties for their worth and value. You wouldn’t want to buy a $300,000 Edmonton home with a “hidden” $100,000++ potential repair costs, wouldn’t you?

Of course, hiring professional home inspectors is the best way to thoroughly do the home check-up, this is just a little guide to help you not waste time and valuable resources in your Edmonton home search.

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Homes For Sale Edmonton

First off, you need to know where to look. The main places to check is the exterior, attic, basement and living area/s. For beginners, double-check for cracks, termite tubes, foul smell, damaged ceilings due to leaks and molds.

Now, we move on to the finer details of the Edmonton home inspection.

  1. Determine the exterior make-up of the property. Does it appeal to you? Does the neighborhood appeal to you? If everything is positive, you can move on the thorough home inspection.
  2. Observe the exterior and interior wall of the home. This place is suspect for cracks. If it’s been recently renovated, this should be of much concern to you. Renovations can mean two things; either the owner wanted to upgrade it or a problem occurred and owner had to fix it.
  3. Go down the basement and check for leaks. Leaks could costs you a serious amount of money.
  4. Once you’re at the living area and kitchen, double-check the appliances, make sure everything is functioning properly.
  5. Lastly, check on the odor of the home. An unpleasant odor might point out to potential molds in the house-this will pose a hazard to your health.

This “must-have” checklist will give you a good overview of the condition of the Edmonton home, but do remember, this will not in any way replace a professionally done home inspection. There are plenty of good home inspectors in the city.

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