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Edmonton Home Buyer Walk Through Punch List 2015

Edmonton Homes For Sale

When buying an Edmonton house, the walk through is one of the most important (and final) step. It’s the time where you do your final ocular inspection to make sure everything is in order before closing the deal.

Its crunch time for you and the seller to formally close the sale, if you want something fixed or replaced this is the last chance for you to request for it.

Since this is really the soul of the buying process, we’ve made a basic punch list for you in order to help you facilitate this more effectively.


  1. Double check the home’s exterior to make sure that all fixtures, structures and landscaping are still in place AS AGREED UPON IN THE CONTRACT.
  2. Check the interior of shed’s to make sure that all the unnecessary equipment’s, etc. have been thoroughly removed.
  3. Test the garage doors if it is functioning effectively.


  1.  Like the first item above, double check the interior to make sure that all appliances, furniture and fixtures are in place AS AGREED UPON IN THE CONTRACT.
  2. Make sure that all the lighting fixtures are properly working. If there is faulty lighting, seller should fix it as soon as possible.
  3. Plumbing should be running smoothly; there should be no leaks on the faucets, bathtubs and sink.
  4. Smoke and carbon detectors should be working correctly.
  5. Check for damage or cracks on all the windows.

These are the basic punch list that you should bring when you’re ready to close that deal. Each and every item could be expanded.

Buying a home is one of the biggest investments that you will ever make, so you should be prudent before signing on the dotted line.

Just in case you have not found your dream home yet, make sure to check out our new and improved Edmonton MLS listings. It contains the latest homes for sale in the city of Edmonton and surrounding areas.


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