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Edmonton First Time Home Buyers: How To Prep For Your Mortgage

Edmonton First Time Home Buyer Mortgage

This Sunday, we dedicate this article to first-time Edmonton home buyers. We feel your excitement! Owning a home is one of the biggest investments you would ever make in your lifetime so we’re here to help you nail it the first time.

We have made a list of things that would be truly helpful if you’re going to get a mortgage. Take note and good luck!

  1. BE FAMILIAR WITH THE REAL ESTATE ENVIRONMENT: The Edmonton real estate market doesn’t stay constant, it’s always changing. Mortgage rates and financial assistance products are being tweaked all the time so it is to your best interest to be up to date with these topics. Watch the news, read the newspaper and talk to your real estate and mortgage agent to get a good understanding of current trend.

You are always welcome to call Team Leading Edge about any and all your inquiries about the Edmonton real estate, 780-634-8151.

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Edmonton First Time Home Buyers

  1. CREDIT SCORE: When getting a mortgage, your credit score will make or break the transaction. It is crucial that you have an overall idea of your credit score situation and be able to personally assess your financial standing.

You bank or mortgage company will double check your financial capability and offer you the rate or amount of mortgage that’s suitable to your situation so if you have a grasp of your financial health, you can make adjustments or plans to make the situation favorable to you.

  1. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER: This is to emphasize the first two topics that we pointed out. Having the right amount of knowledge and information works to your best interest. There are tons of free resources that you can find on the internet. Google is your friend!

Study and research about the various mortgage types that is available on the market. You do not need to read cover to cover, you simply just need to familiarize yourself with the key pointers and idea behind the product. The rest you can ask your mortgage broker or real estate agent. (Hey, we’re here for you okay? Call us)

Use these 3 key pointers to help you prepare for your new venture. What we have laid here is the skeleton of the process, the point that you have read this far means that you are really interested. Talk to your real estate agent when you have the time, IT’S FREE and a good face-to-face chat wouldn’t hurt.

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