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Hey! Congratulations! Since you’re reading this, we’re 60% sure that you have or are about to purchase your first Edmonton property! That’s awesome!

Yeah, we know it’s exciting and scary at the same time. Lots of stuff can happen and there’s so many things that you need to know. You should not worry too much, though. That’s simply part of the game! Relax and savor the moment!

This Tuesday, we at Team Leading Edge decided to create a list of items or activities that you can include in your starter kit.


If you bought a property from the secondary market, your first activity after you move-in should be installing new locks and security features. Safety is top priority. Just think of it this way, there could be dozens of people with duplicate keys of your front door!

Since we’re advocates of smart homes, we’d also like to encourage you to smart locks like Lockitron Bolt .  You can read about it here: SMART EDMONTON HOMES PART-2


Be familiar with your new home’s circuit breaker and water valve.  If s*** hits the fan or when an emergency comes up, you know the kill switch to the electricity and water lines.


Make sure to be prepared for the first week of your stay inside your new abode. If the home came unfurnished, you need buy lots of stuff and this will take time to accomplish. Make sure to have a comfortable stay by packing your initial gear; these are beddings, dining materials and shower essentials.

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Again, if you bought a property from the secondary market, its best to change the batteries of your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Safety is top priority.

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