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We guess its time that time of the month again to remind everyone what not to do if they are really serious in getting their Edmonton home sold. We’ve already passed the middle-of-the-month mark and we’re down to 13 days before we enter December. Yikes! You need to move fast! 

Here are 5 things that you should avoid starting…. Now.

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1. DON’T PAINT YOUR EXTERIOR WALLS WITH BRIGHT COLORS – Please, for the love of all things beautiful, this isn’t a brilliant thing to do. Having a brightly colored façade might be able to turn heads and attract attention but it would surely not impress potential homebuyers. Remember, not all Edmontonians share your artistic taste. You’re in this to sell, so in order to do just that, your property needs to appeal to as much people as possible.

Neutralize the colors and just keep it clean.

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2. STOP! DON’T CONCEAL YOUR HARDWOOD FLOORING – Some home sellers tend to cover their hardwood floors with carpets to conceal its worn-out state. This might come as a surprise to you but people are willing to pay extra for hardwood flooring. The best thing to do is to simply refinish them-make them shine like brand new!

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3. DON’T CONVERT YOUR GARAGE INTO A ROOM – A 4-bedroom home might sell for a higher price than a 3-bedroom one, sure, but sacrificing the garage to add that extra room isn’t worth it, it’s even detrimental to the sale of the property.  Buyers want a garage to store their automotive toys, we know Serge wouldn’t want his future Jaguar parked outside exposed to all the elements.

If this thought came to your mind, think happy thoughts and remove it completely--like your browser history, just delete it and don’t look back. 

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4. DON’T DARKEN YOUR INTERIOR – Insufficient lighting may have a negative impact in your bid to sell the property. Do everything you can to provide adequate lighting to all the rooms. The more light a room can take in, the better potential homebuyers will appreciate the beauty of your home.

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5. AVOID COMBINING ROOMS – This is the polar opposite of our 3rd point. Allocating generous square footage for a master suite can be impressive but if this would mean giving up the adjacent bedroom, then you better just forget about it. Fact: 3-bedrooms sell higher than a 2-bedroom.

In this economy, you need all the money you can get from the sale of your property, don’t squander the opportunity of earning a good profit all for the sake of having a bigger bedroom space.

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