Do you need to organize your home office better?

To create a home office that is motivating and productive I have put together some helpful tips to help you clean and organized your working area. By implementing some or all of these ideas it might motivate you to get your work done.

Keep your desktop efficient and simplified

A desktop that is cluttered can be difficult to work with so keep it efficient and simplified. A pen/pencil holder, an organizer for folders, and a stacked drawer caddy, these are all great additions for the desktop as they help you keep the things you use often organized and within easy reach, saving time looking for things.

Use shelving units

Use a couple shelving units on the bare walls in your workspace. When filling the shelves, keep things neat and simple and consider how you use the contents, and place things accordingly on the shelves. You can use bins or baskets to keep smaller items from getting lost.

You can matching storage bins to create a storage wall

If you have lots of items or things that you need on a regular basis storage bins might be the answer. When picking out the bins be cognizant of the rooms decor so that they might blend in or even help with the room decor.

Stacking paper racks

Even in todays electronic world and cloud storage we still need paper and paper copies. A set of stacking paper racks could be the answer. Try putting lables on the side so that you can easily categorize the content.

Don't forget to make it attractive

Placing some of your favourites things on your work space might sound counter-intuative but it might be the thing that will encourage you to keep the area neat and clean. It will also make your space more enjoyable. Maybe add a corner shelving unit that you can keep some of your favourite things that can help you brighten up your day!

Fill one wall with cabinets

If your space will allow think about building cabinets. Cabinets are a great way to keep things organized, out of the way, and out of sight. You might even be able to put a counter top on a lower cabint providing you with extra workspace.

You can use old kitchen cabines that you have re-purposed or you can even go to a cabinet store where you can custom build cabinets for your workspace.

An organized workspace is leads to a more efficient and leads to higher productivity. Use some of these ideas to make your home workspace more productive.

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